A fun first Orientation Day


got wheels, got friends - who needs more?

got wheels, got friends - who needs more?


Who would have thought that a little boy who can’t walk and can’t talk would be such a source of strength to his friends.  That you in your wheelchair is a great place for your friends to hang onto and walk alongside when they are feeling nervous.  That you in your wheelchair is the constant, the familiar, the norm.  That you are their safe haven.

To the children who have never met you before you were an object of their curiosity, but to your friends who were alongside you, playing with you… you were just Mac.  I don’t think it will take long for you to be ‘just Mac’ to all your classmates and in time, your entire school.


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5 responses to “A fun first Orientation Day

  1. activevoice1

    So disability = strength? I like that.

  2. Great work with the new blog. Go Mac!!!

  3. Susan, Mum to Molly

    Woo Hoo!

    Well done!

    He looks soooo grown up in his new/old/borrowed/blue chair…

    Go Mac!

    Gosh, starting school – it is a real journey… Especially for mum!

    Thinking of you, Susan

  4. Pol

    Love the chair, Maccy Moo, a work of art that only your Mum could come up with. Well done on your orientation day – I know lots of little people who didn’t do with your style!! Thank God you didn’t take your parents along, your aide sounds far cooler. Keep us updated; love Pol, Mik and you know the rest. xx

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