It’s O Day

Orientation Day is here.  

We have been madly restoring a borrowed wheelchair (thank you “teen legend” SP) to allow this event to happen.

Of course Mac’s ‘real’ chair hasn’t arrived in time for ‘transition to school’ and (although Government officers would beg to differ) we don’t believe it is fair for a five and a half year old boy to have to attend school in a pram.  

So after three days of sewing, padding, clamping, painting, tweaking and taking said child in and out of the seat numerous times – we have it.  A stylish set of wheels but more importantly… a comfortable set of wheels.

We have hired an former aide of Mac’s to go with him to the kids’ sessions.  That way we can attend the adult sessions and he doesn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of his “parents” shadowing him.

His classmates from day care and pre-school will recognise his aide as being a useful appendage in allowing Mac’s inclusion – plus, she is far more personable than a hoist!

Only two hours to go – it’s very exciting.

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