school uniforms

Ever wondered how to get school uniforms for a very small child?

school-uniforms-flow-chartCLICK PICTURE TO VIEW

Simple really.


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4 responses to “school uniforms

  1. Hi Gina,
    What a cool idea this blog is, thanks for directing me to it. I’m tearing up at the stories already! Have to laugh re:uniforms…Pops should have had hers this week, but no, now we’re not even sure if the order was placed! Argh! Have been promised her new, pink, first-ever manual chair before start of school, but we’ll see…and the power-chair? Pfft… Am looking forward to Pops making friends as easily as Mac!

  2. accesswarrior

    Welcome aboard Liz. I am still really only half done on the uniforms, but have enough to get by.
    Mac’s “real chair” has been promised before start of school too – we’ll see.

  3. Sally

    I have two girls in school and they have to wear school uniforms. They didn’t like the idea at first but every one looks so nice they like it now. And so do we.

  4. Dave

    At first I liked the idea of school uniforms but now that my girls are getting older I’m not so sure. lol

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