this MIGHT be interesting…

My niece (9yo) was telling me about a girl she met at Gymnastics. They are same age so were chatting to one another between the breaks. They were talking, among other things, about school – they attend different schools. This girl, it turned out, goes to the same school Mac will be attending.

It was interesting to hear how this fact transpired. The other girl had mentioned a ‘disabled boy’ was starting at their school this year. There was no malice, it was just a statement of fact – maybe a bit of ‘one upmanship’ or simply making sure her conversation was peppered with interesting facts.

However, the most interesting part to me was my niece’s response…

“Oh, that MIGHT be my cousin, does he have a green wheelchair?”

What I love about the view from my niece’s world is that it isn’t a ‘given’ Mac is the only child in a wheelchair who could be going to the school. It might be him, there could be more than one, but he would probably be the only one with a green chair as she thinks more would choose red, blue, purple or pink before green.

They ended up deciding it probably was her cousin, he likely was in a green wheelchair and that it was kind of cool to know someone else who knows him.

Inclusive education is becoming more normal, more average – soon it will simply be ‘education’.


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4 responses to “this MIGHT be interesting…

  1. LOVE it gina! and yes lets hope it will soon be “education” thinking of you and Mac as you start this adventure.

  2. Susan, Mum to Molly

    Ahhh Gina,

    You have such a positive outlook and are sooo resourceful & creative that Mac’s school start can only be a success.

    I will be thinking of you though over the next week – additional needs or not, it is an emotional time… especially f0r mum!

    Thank you so much for keeping us all posted – I look forward to hearing how it all goes for Mac, and you, this year.

    When is the big first day?

    Cyberhugs, Susan

  3. n0thingbuteverything

    Oh what a great story! Your final comment is perfect too. I’d like that on a fridge magnet ;-).

    I LOVE how normal BC’s walker is at his child care. It makes me happy to know that those kids will not feel the need to point and stare if they see another child in a walker or a wheelchair out and about because it will just another kind of normal to them.

    I bet you’re counting down the days til school starts! I hope Mac’s first day goes well.


  4. lee saunig

    hi gina, looking forward to all the guff on how it all goes. will be thinking of you (and mac of course) interesting all these new stages of life….and all are exciting with your positive attitude!!!

    lee (mum to justin @havenlea)

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