four sleeps to go…

so the bibs, trying to look like they are NOT bibs, are almost finished (why did I think I could sew?),

the pencil case (hmmm, more like suitcase) is nearly packed,

the school bag is awaiting filling,

the uniforms, recently embroidered, are washed and ready…

Mac’s  seating system has been tweaked, twisted and turned – it is now pretty comfy – he is happy sitting in it…

the excitement is building…

school starts Monday!


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3 responses to “four sleeps to go…

  1. n0thingbuteverything

    Good luck for Monday Mac! Have a great day! (You too mum!!!) xo

  2. Naomi Rohr

    I’d love to see what you did for the bibs. I was stuck with this because we didn’t want to use “bibs” as such so we are sending Caden to school with coloured facewashers, they are not “bibs” just “mini towels”.

  3. Vicky

    Hi guys,

    I had a similar problem for Courtney – except mainly for meal times .Because she is 10 she is too big for a bib . So I had made several art smock type aprons , made from a light weight polyester in the school colour. They pop over head head and velcro at the side; they are the same front and back – so they are reversible . They look good – just like a part of the uniform wash and dry in minutes and scrunch up to nothing and don’t crease !

    Have not resolved what to do for “excessive dribble” days but am thinking of a school colour bandana in a soft cotton !

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