a WHAT panda?

x:pan·da   (ɛks – pān’də)

  1. exceptional multiadjustable dynamic seat system designed by R82 in Denmark
  2. school chair of choice for Master Mac
  3. supplied to us by PADP the NSW Government prescribed appliance scheme – this was our first piece of equipment supplied by the Government… it took five years just to find a seat Mac could cope with.

When it first arrived I worried about how heavy it was (over 20kg), how clunky it might look.  Would I ever work out all the levers and options and would the teachers and aides cope with it.

The good news…we love it.   It is easy to push, we love the fact Mac can ‘grow and shrink’ depending on his audience.  If his classmates are sitting then standing… he can too.  

We chose an outdoor hi-low base – it copes with rough ground well, has a good brake and is really stable.  The seat can click into different bases so we will start saving our pennies for a lighter weight option for lifting in and out of the car and greater flexibility and options for different terrains.

panda out of its natural habitatthe x:panda out of its natural habitat

Sure, we have a few changes we would like to see – hah, I always do (who doesn’t) but for now we are happy in our choice of wheelchair for Mac. 

In the meantime I will send my list of adaptations, changes, options and ideas to R82.  For starters we thought we would like a really light weight mobility option with power, a springing/rocking/spinning/bouncing  adapter for in the playground, a carseat mount with ISOfix fittings, a hoisting option for the chair (not the child) and/or transfer system from going from one base to another without taking the child out of the chair and laying them on the ground.  None of which exist…  oh well, we can only ask.

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