‘pants off Thursday’

It is so000 hot.  We always knew keeping Mac cool at school was going to be hard.  

He has some of the neck coolers you soak in water to wear, he has fans in his room.  But he is still getting too hot.  So, today, his aide gave him some “pants off – nappy only time” in the teachers office.  They wet his top for him and let him have a stretch on the ground.

It was nice they offered him the discretion of the office for this – honestly, until the heat hit with full force yesterday I probably would have ‘demanded’ that level of discretion – but now, ‘eh’, who cares  how you cool down.  

The kids know he wears nappies –  they reckon by fourth grade someone will have invented a toilet for Mac so he won’t fall off it or in it.  They also think he might be able to talk (or at least communicate) by then and say “when he wants to go”.  Now there’s a goal for me to aim for!

The heat continues today – it is tough for many brain injured kids to regulate their temperatures – Mac doesn’t sweat properly so that makes it even more difficult.  

 Today we took his mesh chair for him to ‘flop’ into and get some breeze going.  I will see if I can mod his small wheelchair with a mesh back for him.

It would be nice if his room could have air-con – his potential for learning/eating/coping would be significantly increased – I will investigate.


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3 responses to “‘pants off Thursday’

  1. Rachel

    Hi Gina
    Good to hear they are taking Mac’s comfort into consideration and applying some judgement when it comes to being discreet. I’m worried about primary school for Fearghus – no aircon. Can you believe it – we live in Qld for godsakes! We may look at donating one to the school for Fearghus, but where do you draw the line? Will we have to donate one to each classroom he ends up in?

  2. Gina

    I will have to see what DET say about installing it. Maybe all classrooms can be converted when Mr Rudd gives them all their millions of dollars.
    Mac is unable to regulate his temperature properly so there is a health issue we need to consider – lots of people with BI have this issue as well as the ’tissue quality’ issues that stop the proper movement of moisture through their cells. Kids can’t learn when they are hot – seems silly really.

  3. Carla

    My son is 9 now and fourth grade is coming up quick. We had better get moving with the toilet training. He’s doing better, but it’s hard when he still doesn’t communicate, and it takes him a couple of minutes to get to our only bathroom upstairs…

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