You know the feeling… the one you get when you know something impressive is going to happen. The sense of anticipation builds, you get a knowing look on your face, your eyes get wider and a glint appears … waiting… waiting… not much longer… it’s nearly upon us, wait for it…. wait for it…

Ahh, success – it happened (of course you knew it would)… a sense of pride now follows, you knew what was going to happen, you knew others didn’t… you might, just for a moment feel slightly superior… just for a moment… for any longer would be to brag.

Now imagine this exact emotion multiplied by 19. That was Mac’s class on Friday morning.

There was a change in the schedule, both the Kindy classes joined together for roll-call. This is the first time they have joined up for that part of the day – the roll was being taken by a fill-in teacher.

Well Mac now has one of his one-step communicators dedicated to answering his name at roll call.

Max, one of his Kindy colleagues, was very kind to record himself saying “HERE” on the switch so Mac can hit the button when his name is called and answer like the rest of the kids.

This has been working well. One child each day is responsible for getting the switch, and helping Mac answer his name roll.

Friday was interesting. Mac’s class knew the others hadn’t seen him in roll call – they had never seen Mac ‘answer’ his name before – they kept watching and waiting for his name – there was a sense of anticipation.

Then finally, the teacher called… “Macdonald?”… huh, that wasn’t right (of course the fill-in teacher wasn’t aware Mac doesn’t use his full name in class) – did he say “Macdonalds?”, thankfully his usual teacher wasn’t quite out the door – “That’s Mac”, she called, so the fill-in teacher called again… “Mac?” and the button was pressed… “here” came the pre-recorded voice (declared on recording to be ‘just perfect’ by Max) and 19 faces turned to look at the other class, a look of pride, a look of knowingness and just a touch of gloating…


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5 responses to ““here”

  1. Rachel Keogh

    how fanastic Gina – I can just imagine what it was like

  2. Wow! I would be screaming yippee from the roof tops. Well done Mac

  3. Liz

    Oh, now I’m getting misty again! What a wonderful thing. Good one Mac.

  4. Sue Burns

    That’s our Lil’ Tiger.

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