News with help from the ‘newsman’

I wonder if it helps having a journalist for a Dad when it comes to ‘producing’ News (Show & Tell) for school.

As Mum had jumped on a plane to Canada for an inclusive eductation conference it was up to the ‘boys’ to prepare ‘news’ on their own this week.

Breaking News… Nan & Pa came to visit!


The process was as follows:


  1. Mac and Dad decide on a topic (Mac gets 2 or 3 choices and has to give a facial expression response to indicate his preference)
  2. Dad writes the content on the computer using a handwriting font of similar standard to the rest of the class
  3. Cousin Alex comes up to voice the news in Audacity
  4. Dad tweaks the ‘pitch’ to reduce Alex’s 13 year old voice to a 5 year old voice
  5. Mac listens to the news and a grin usually signifies approval
  6. Dad saves the news onto the Step Communicator for Mac to ‘switch through’, one sentence at a time, at school’
  7. Dad prints the text version with pictures to provide a text/picture option to support the story


The NEW aspect we have added to the news is to pose a question at the end.  
We hadn’t realised being new to the whole kindergarten thing that children, on completion of their news, ask “are there any questions?” to enable dialogue to continue.  

To allow this type of discussion to occur we now place a question to the children from Mac.

I think it works OK.


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3 responses to “News with help from the ‘newsman’

  1. Cool. And yes, i know where it is. I was there when i had Beaver in my tummy Mac. I think your mamma will like it there, maybe she will take you some time. They have bears and cougars there.

  2. You guys are so talented!!! You all rock (am I too old to say that and be cool?).

  3. Liz

    That is so awesome – talk about using your resources! I can’t wait til Mac is giving his dissertation for his PhD! : )

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