Yes, it’s that time of year.  Cross Country events are being held in every school just about now – no matter it is also ‘snake season’ – guess that just makes them run faster.

Mac competed (of course), he took his Chariot for the event – goes faster, looks meaner, has space to carry stuff for the other kids if needed…STICKING WITH THE LEADERS


The kindergarten boys raced, one of the Kindy Dad’s offered to push – it was a boys race after all.   

After deciding it probably wouldn’t be fair if he won… Mac and Darren (his legs) stuck with the leader pack and pushed them along a little.

The most fascinating aspect is the kids don’t actually see the wheels, the person pushing, or the surrounding contraption.

On arrival at school the next day I was greeted by the kids excitedly telling me “Mac came second”.  

I was there at Cross Country, I took photos of all the kids, I watched him ‘race’, I cheered them all on… BUT I love that is completely irrelevant to them.

I actually don’t believe he did finish that high up in the placings but what does it matter?  As far as they are concerned…

“Mac came second”

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  1. Sue Burns

    Our Little Tiger will always be out there with the pack. “Eat Em Alive” – Macca. Nan and Pa (Packing Boxes)

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