Ethan the Exceptional

Mac has a birthday party to attend this weekend. 

His friend Ethan is turning six.

Thankfully I found the invite in the bottom of the bag after being alerted to it by another parent… Mac didn’t let me know of it’s existence.

I rang Ethan’s mum to RSVP rather apologetically for being so late.  She wasn’t worried, more relieved as Ethan was ‘stressing’ that Mac wouldn’t make it.

More importantly Ethan   C – H – O – S – E   his birthday party venue at the local animal park because “Mac would probably like the animals”.

What an amazing young man – so selfless at six.

This is why inclusion and integration is important.  Mac and Ethan have been at day care and then school together.  Ethan (and his brother) send artworks home as gifts for Mac that they spend weekends working on… Mac sends Thank You cards back. 

This is a real relationship, a real friendship. 

Mac loves being around Ethan – who wouldn’t?


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2 responses to “Ethan the Exceptional

  1. n0thingbuteverything

    How lovely! Ethan sounds like a great kid.

    How was the party?

    I hope Mac (and Ethan) had a ball!

  2. Gina

    Great party despite it blowing a gale, freezing cold and Mac being a little unwell with a cold.

    The kids got to pat a possum, a crocodile and some stick insects and got to hold a python called Shaggy.

    Mac had a birthday message for Ethan on his big-step communicator and gave the ‘budding artist’ artbooks, crayons and watercolour pencils.

    I think all the kids had good day.

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