the Crying Game

Mac cried,
the ‘aide’ tried,
and Mumma had to get him.

Mac cracked the ‘sads’ yesterday at school.  It was bound to happen at some stage – I have never met a child who is 100% happy 100% of the time.  Why should a child with a disability be expected to be 100% happy (or good for that matter)? 
Oh, I remember…  because (insert sarcasm here…) “they’re always such happy children” (ugh). 

I wan’t super surprised.  Mac cries with incredible gusto when he decides to ‘let rip’ .  It at times doesn’t seem humanly possible he could be producing the sound without amplification, so I knew it was bound to happen at some stage and would shock the staff.  And I know it was only out of concern for his wellbeing that we were contacted. 

But, for the uninitated here are some reasons a child with a disability might cry…
– they are sad
– they have a pain
– they are hurt
– they don’t like what they are doing or being asked to stop doing
– they don’t like who they are with
– they are tired or hungry
– they are faking it to get out of something

groundbreaking isn’t it… kinda amazing it is exactly the same for a ‘non-disabled’ child.

For the record I could have left Mac at school because he was absolutely fine when I went to check on him, I assume he had a teeny tiny burp and decided to ‘bung it on a little’.  But as I was at a conference and had already missed lunch to head out to school, I was loathe to miss the last speaker who I was really keen to hear at the end of the day… so Mac and I left early and went back to listen to the Commander of the Middle Eastern Task Force speak – she was a fantastic speaker and Mac loved the talk.  Must have something to do with his passion for ‘The Bill’, he glaarred everytime she spoke about the street gangs and undesirables.

I will not be collecting Mac from school every time he cries – I am sure other parents don’t do that.

The school will learn to deal with it and respect it for what it is.  Let’s face it, crying is only communication (as is all behaviour).  We are all allowed to protest and complain, it’s a basic human right.

More learning for the staff.  It’s all experience, all good.


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2 responses to “the Crying Game

  1. Hi Gina,
    glad MAc is okay now and settles back after his “burp” ! lol
    I am impressed it took until 2nd term too!
    Love to you both 🙂

  2. Sue Burns

    The Tiger roars – he can be a little scary. Love Pa

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