10cm to Inclusion…

We knew it wasn’t ideal having a classroom seat that couldn’t quite fit under the same kindy desks as all the other children.

But, while we are waiting for suppliers to bring us some seats to trial it is the only option. And let’s face it – it is only 10cm difference.

It means Mac sits in his high/low chair at his slightly higher table and three other children sit at the other two desks perpendicular to his.

They are all grouped together, it was working OK.

Special Tomato

Today we took in the wedge base for the Special Tomato Soft Sitter from home. It was only slightly too low for the standard Kindy desk (with taller casters it might be perfect) BUT it worked well enough to allow Mac to sit in right next to Sophia at her desk… ‘HER desk’ became ‘THEIR desk’.

However, the most surprising aspect was the impact on the other children. As we wheeled him in place, next to his friend Sophia, there was a sense of excitement building on the other tables. They were enthusiastically chattering amongst themselves, pointing out Mac has his “own proper chair” now.

We often think little children are quite self absorbed and only aware of their own space – I don’t think this can be said of Mac’s classmates.
They rejoice in us doing inclusion well – it is important to them too.

10cm is important, we knew this, I just don’t think I realised JUST how important.

I guess it proves sometimes we should ‘sweat’ the ‘little things’ because they really do make a difference.


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4 responses to “10cm to Inclusion…

  1. Lovely to see you back! I have missed your updates 🙂 Following your blog brings me such hope and delight hearing about Mac and his beautiful school!
    cheers Bron

  2. Gina

    Thanks Bron. I have been very remiss in my posting. Will get back into the swing of it. I have lots to tell.

  3. I made them pull the newly put in toilet pan out because it was 4 cm out from where it was supposed to be. They fixed it cos they got it wrong. And a few cm or even millimeters can make the difference between can do and can’t do.

    I have traveled in an accessible taxi which is like a station wagon and my wheelchair fits in the middle at the same height as the other car seats. It’s sooo normal and means that all the bored commuters don’t stare at the cripple in the bus!! Ahhh.

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