It’s MaccyMoo… don’t you know!

It was a different start to the morning for the students of KC.

Their teacher and teacher’s aide were off to a meeting. They had a fill in teacher and they had Mac’s Dad, Shawn, in the class to help out.

Shawn made himself available to ensure the entire teaching team of the class could attend the Learning Team meeting with me.

We had scheduled a 1.5+ hour meeting to plan for the next term of work with the vision support itinerant staff, the DET inclusion support officer et al.

Shawn and the ‘fill-in teacher’ were left holding the fort.

Our meeting went well and apparently class went well too. Shawn’s used to teaching university students so kindergarten kids probably aren’t too much of a stretch when you think about it.

Shawn was quite delighted at being ‘shhhhushed’ by one of the young girls because he was making Kookaburra sounds when they were meant to be working quietly on the letter ‘K’ – my guess is he ignored her. 

He then went on to prove you can make the sound of a kitchen… ‘bang, crash, whirr, wiz, whoosh’ – hmmm doesn’t say much for my style of cooking really…

I am not sure who was enjoying themselves the most, Mac, the rest of the table or Shawn.

But most of all, he loved being ‘put in his place’ when calling Mac – Maccaroo (Mac has lots of nicknames).  

He was roundly critised by the kids who explained to him rather emphatically that it is NOT Macaroo… it is MACCY-MOO.

Sheesh, you’d think his Dad would KNOW that.

I am pretty confident there would have been a few eye rolls by Mac’s peers at that type of adult ignorance.

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