The best place on earth…

We arrived just as the three bells rang to indicate the morning assembly, so hurried over to our spot in the front line, with all the other Kindergarten children.

What an exciting place to be, first day back Term 3… does it get better than this?

Mac was overjoyed, excited and ‘vocal’.  He squeaked and squarked his way through the Deputy Principal’s greeting.  I discreetly tried to ‘shush’ him – it was to no avail.  I got the giggles (as did most of the children) – he was in fine form.

I guess in time we need to work on helping him understand when he can ‘talk’ and when he is expected to be quiet.  But for now, it is nice for those around him to see just what they mean to him, just how much impact they have on his life, how much joy they bring. 

The National Anthem and flag raising ceremony was on the agenda.  Our school’s version of the Anthem has didgeridoo music for the intro – Mac loves it.  He launched into singing about four bars too soon (oh well).  He sang with fervor, so much so he was making himself hoarse.  It went a little like this… 

Mac on the BLUE verse, the rest of the school, the BLACK

 Advance Australia Fair

The fact he was so keen to be rid of me doesn’t really say much for my company during the school holidays.  

I’ll survive.  What makes me happy is the fact so many got to see (and feel) why he is part of their school, it is because he loves being part of the community, their community, our community. 

He is where he should be – right in the thick of it.


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5 responses to “The best place on earth…

  1. Liz

    Really excellent (wipes tear from eye).
    And…slightly off topic, how did you do the sheet music thingy? It’s so cool!

  2. Di

    You betcha he is where he should be!
    I can just hear him too, singing his heart out, and so eager to catch up with his friends, and hear of what they all got up to in the holidays. I can’t imagine anyone else so eager to be part of school life in this part of the year. Keep it up Mac =)

  3. Gina

    Liz, as much as I would love to appear really clever with the sheet music – it is all “smoke and mirrors”… “lipstick and rouge”. It is literally a portion of a screen grab from an online copy of the sheet music for Advance Australia Fair and then a text box over the true second verse with Mac’s version. Framed in a photograph style frame (which is the style I tend to use for this blog) and pasted in as a pic.

    I did manage to find a lot of interesting sheet music sites while mooching around the www – shame I am not musical – they are really very impressive.

  4. Liz

    Ah ha! Thanks for the tip!

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