the laptop lad

We are starting to push for more computer activities in the classroom.  It has been a staged introduction of technology from my end.  I know, for those who ‘don’t eat it up’, technology is quite overwhelming.   By approaching it in a gradual fashion I am hoping more sticks, more is used and understood.

I am just starting to get Mac’s laptop organised for school.

  • 66 Microsoft Updates were uploaded yesterday (oops)
  • Service Pack 2 installed (another oops)
  • iTunes loaded (needed SP2) and Hooked on Phonics podcasts downloaded
  • SwitchSkills 1 loaded in preparation for some switching activity
  • ChooseItMaker2 ordered and awaiting delivery

The computer we are using for Mac is a Fujitsu Lifebook P series tablet computer.  It has an 8.9″ display which is a touchscreen (finger or stylus) and can be connected to bigger screens (and Smartboards) if we want.  It weighs less than 1kg and currently runs XP Tablet Edition software.

my laptopMac has a mouse (tiger-mouse?) which has been switch adapted by his Pa.  We bought it off  Ebay (Hong Kong) for less than $10 including postage.

TigerMouse   HeadSwitch

We also have a Jelly Bean Switch to use as a head switch.  Our adapter comes off a $14 clip on desk lamp which we pulled the electrics off, added a small piece of 3ply wood with velcro and attach switches to that.   Significantly less than the $700 special needs mounting device suggested to us.


 Down the track I would consider getting one of the headswitches like this…  but at almost $300 it can sit on our wish list until it becomes ‘essential’. 

The next step is to decide what software I need to use to design a “web style” dashboard (but local on his computer) for all his schoolwork/programs etc to be accessed.  I think Adobe’s Dreamweaver might be the right option – but any suggestions are most welcome.  Basically I want something that is easy for anyone to find what they are looking for from a digital native 5yo to a technologically challenged adult.


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2 responses to “the laptop lad

  1. Hmmm…. switches are something I should know all about and yet I know nothing. Definitely going to have to get on the ball with this one. Good stuff.

  2. Merridy

    Hi Gina
    Had to laugh..and also say “yippee” at your solution for the mounted switch! Thomas had a switch assessment last week and they suggested he use a switch mounted to the front of his wheelchair tray…and the quote for the mount $4800 HK which is about $1000 AUS. Great solution…will have to do that!!

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