the ME project

Term 2 saw our first official ‘project’ due.  You know the type, cardboard, photos, glue, glitter (optional).

It was an “About Me” project and it took some thinking about what to put in and what to leave out.

It was an opportunity to provide some education, without being “in your face” about it.

We left out:

  • pictures with tubes, medical imagery or obvious ‘premmie’ shots 
  • the term Cerebral Palsy as it doesn’t really explain anything about Mac and who he is and what he can/can’t do to Kindy kids (well, to anyone really)

We put in:

  • who he is, what he likes, his family portrait, where he lives and a couple of his footprints (1 month of age and 6 years)
  • an explanation of how/when he got his brain injury
  • reference to his ‘angel sister’ (as quite a few kids know of Meg)

Cardboard posters are difficult to store.  So I had a play with one of my new(ish) bits of software.

Here’s a ‘gallery’ version of the pictures that appeared on his poster.

It does need some audio – we haven’t yet decided whether to go with background music or have Mac’s cousin, Alex, voice the text and convert it to Mac’s pitch to retain as audio.

The software is PulpMotion Advanced.  I bought it initially to make some eBooks and I have been having lots of fun with it.  Mac’s cousin Lucy has recorded the audio for  a couple of books for him.
PulpMotion Logo





I plan to make some ‘sight words’ options as well as some more ‘numbers & letters’ versions.  

I’ll be sure to share when I get them organised.

By the way… I wasn’t the only parent who had to help their children in the preparation.  I possibly will be in a few years, but am sure we will get better at them in time.

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