the retiree

It’s time.  

His once valued input and constant companionship has not been sought for nigh on 18 months.  

I guess even the best of friends (some would say ‘co-dependents’) can grow apart.  The most intense relationships sometimes have a short life – four and a half years in this case.

And so, here we are… confidently supporting the retirement of ‘Old Bub-bub’ (known to others as ‘paci’ or ‘dummy’).  Easily recognisable Bub-bub generally sported a ‘Do Not Disturb’ lanyard – for obvious reasons.

It is nice to know Mac has had no need for his former vice all year.

Until today it had been included in Mac’s emergency items in a secret compartment in his school bag with the following information:

the retireeBut, as there is clearly no longer a need for this relationship, I simply say… goodbye old friend, thank you for all the help you provided when we needed you most.


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2 responses to “the retiree

  1. n0thingbuteverything

    very happy for you that this particular relationship is over – although, I love the emergency box, the lanyard and the instructions. I hope you’re going to keep them somewhere, just for the memories ;-).

  2. Great work Mac! Gina I too love the instructions!

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