bleary-eyed superhero

It was a day worth celebrating – 100 days of Kindergarten!

Party fever was in the air.  Zero the Hero was due to visit.  Everyone was taking ‘zero shaped party food’. 

superheroMac, well he was just a bit weary.  100 days is a lot of days to have to be dragged out of bed when you would rather be sleeping – he ‘channels’ teenager very well. 

Mac, like many children with brain injuries, believes sleeping is optional.  It certainly shouldn’t occur under the cover of darkness, and as far as Mac is concerned, the most appropriate time for sleep is between 4am and 11am.  This doesn’t auger well for the standard school day (nor the sanity of his parents). 

So despite the excitement of wearing ‘superhero’ clothing rather than school uniform, having a new zero chest-plate harness to finish off the red & blue outfit and taking zero shaped lollies made into flowers on toothpicks… it took a while for the bleary zzzs to leave.flowerlolly

It was revealed a bit of chocolate at first break had him sparking up – he does love the chocolate.  By the time I collected him at the end of the day the sugar highs had kicked in and he was his normal, wild little self.   He was a good kid though, he did eat all his lunch.

If only school was a party every day – oh, that’s right, for Mac… IT IS!

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  1. Nan and Pa Burns

    Macco is our super hero every day. I love the outfit and the lollies mummy made for him. I am sure he had a fun filled day.

    Love Nan and Pa

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