news break

Now Mac’s computer hooks into the SMARTboard in the classroom “News” (Show & Tell) can have a bit more flexibility to it.

The letter of the week is W.  So Mac and I had to put our heads together to think of something to do.

We (well I, but he concurred… well, not concurred… but didn’t NOT concur… confused?) decided on a Magic Show about The Magical Letter W.  It is a very tricky letter, I am sure you agree.  I have always marvelled at its clever morphing capabilities.

So I set to it.

I used Final Cut Express video editing software (although we are still on v3.5.1HD) and the animated titler add in Live Type.  I am far from proficient in these programs so it is a moderately odd, clunky little video which could have been prettier, tighter, cleverer had I more time (or talent) to do so.

For Kindergarten kids I think it will be fine…

I will make up a non-personalised version so it is available for others needing to catch a break on news some weeks.

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