good ‘n bad

There are times when choosing the path to ensure your child is able to access an ‘ordinary, inclusive life’ is plain tough.   I knew there would be times where I would feel like all we do is battle, where you have a permanent ‘brick wall imprint’ on your forehead, where you just feel like no-one ‘gets it’.

Thankfully there is always good things to come of the bad.  

For instance, Mac couldn’t go to school on Friday, there was no aide available for his classroom, everyone was away.  And, it seems, casual ‘Learning Support Officers’ within the district are not kept on a central database (I was surprised at that one…).  It was suggested I could volunteer my time to support Mac at school, but since I had some work deadlines I was trying to meet it didn’t seem fair I should give up my wage and time for “no wage and loss of time”.  So, we stayed home for the day.  I worked, Mac coped (just) and we marveled at just ‘how wrong’ on so many levels the situation was.

So where’s the good in this?  Well, for starters the school now knows they have a problem and (hopefully) will be proactive in solving it (it hasn’t been resolved as at Monday but hopefully on the way to being fixed). 

But the best bit… I have been contacted by a couple of parents who have let me know just how ‘outraged’ their children were at Mac not being at school.  They said the kids just ‘knew in their hearts it was not fair’.

Mac has some fine advocates on his side albeit in the form of 10, 11 and 12 year olds.  

These young people will grow up knowing what’s right and what’s not – in reality… they already do.

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  1. Hua


    Hopefully, school will fix the problem and makes easier for Mac to attend. I really enjoyed reading your blog and learning about Mac and the education system. With your experience as a parent, I feel that your blog would be a great addition to Wellsphere’s HealthBlogger Network (HBN). The HBN has over 2,600 bloggers that share a common goal to share their knowledge with others, which enables Wellsphere to provide information that is personal and relevant to over 6 million visitors a month.

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