music for all?

one solution….







Click the thumbnail above to have a look  – very cool.

Their website says

Skoogmusic’s flagship tactile musical interface, The Skoog™, offers accessibility and expressive control over the sound of traditional musical instruments using cutting edge “musical play” technology.

The Skoog™ is ideally suited for use on its own or in groups, by teachers and children with or without musical training. The interface is highly intuitive and can be customised to meet individual needs, offering accessibility, scope for progression, musical depth and learning.

Its’ flexibility, playability and sound quality ensures a rewarding musical experience for all.

I am not sure if it is available in Australia yet, but will certainly keep it in mind for the future (on the ever growing WISH list).


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3 responses to “music for all?

  1. Claire

    Funnily enough, we just had Benjamin, the developer of the Skoog, in school yesterday demoing the (currently) only Skoog in existence! (Others are rolling off the production lines this month).

    He worked with two of our classes and both were very impressed. The children really engaged with it and Benjamin did some wonderful duets with them. One of our children with quite a profound VI really engaged in a lovely call and response activity.

    The software that comes with the Skoog enables it to be very customised to the user’s physical skills and style – so it can respond to very soft, gentle touch or much more robust handling. It can be squeezed, pressed and shaken. One of our kids, who has very limited movement – but great head control (he drives his electric wheelchair with a chin joystick) – was playing the Skoog with his chin, cheek and eye!

    The other thing we loved about the Skoog is that it is really inclusive. It just levels the playing field. Benjamin had me playing trumpet along with Miles Davis and was trying to convince me that I am musical (ha ha)! We are already planning how we can get projects going with our local mainstream school (and we haven’t even placed an order yet). Benjamin has been working with the London Symphony Orchestra, other “real” musicians (he insists we all are) as well as eminent music therapists – who all seem really enthusiastic about it.

    We are too – now we’ve just got to work out how to fund a couple of Skoogs! Just like you, it’s on our wish list.

  2. Gina

    How cool you got to see/use it in the flesh. I was really impressed with it so am pleased to hear it is as good as it sounded on ‘paper’.

  3. That looks great – I am putting the Skoog on my wish list too!

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