touch tablet

Here’s a good introductory video by “leopardsoup” on YouTube reviewing the ‘just released’ Wacom Bamboo Touch (touch tablet).

This would be a great little option to combine with a head switch (or switches in general) for Mac and others with physical impairments.  

I think it is selling for about $70USD.  I can see great potential for adding it to the computer driving the electronic whiteboard at school and allowing Mac to have some opportunity to move the mouse curser to where he wants without relying on the mouse.  I am assuming it won’t get ‘hot’ like the tablet computer does so could even sit on/near his lap and would allow for the computer screen to be placed in an optimal position (which varies depending on the day with Mac).

Another example of ‘access on main street’ – we love accessible products under $100.  I wonder if something like this could eventually be wireless?

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  1. Hi, Gina! It is nice to connect with you, thanks for swinging by my blog and recommending those scarves—great advice, I will definitely pick some up this winter.

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