4 responses to “a wonderful ‘Prezi’

  1. Fiona

    Prezi suredbeats PowerPoint for interesting presos. I like it. It wouldn’t happen to be freeware would it?

  2. Fiona
    I am using the free option for Mac’s stuff which means it is public on the Prezi site & has a Prezi logo on it but as there is nothing needing to be private that works fine for us. You can buy private licences starting at about AUD30 per quarter if you were doing work you needed to keep confidential, wanted more upload space or wanted to work on them off-line. You can download the Prezi to run it with a player from your computer so you don’t need on-line access to present, only to create.

  3. Claire

    Thanks for the tip off – this is a great bit of software. I am using it to present to staff at our school about a new assessment for learning tool we are going to use for our learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties (the Welsh Assembly’s highly regarded Routes for Learning). The great thing is, the RfL materials emphasise the non-linear progress made by our students and Prezzi is just great to accentuate this point.

    It is really intuitive to use and I can’t wait until they introduce sound.

  4. Gina

    Claire you can use sound but it’s not straight forward. It needs to be in a flv file which is essentially a movie file. If you have a look at http://www.prezi.com in showcase and search for our second prezi called “Kindergarten News” you can see that I have actually put blank screen movies behind each of the pictures with text I brought in. You could have a simple graphic of a speaker in your movie ie a still and then export it. Happy to answer any questions or help out if you get stuck. sandgburns at bigpond dot com will find us.

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