chucking a sickie?

Mac stayed away from school on Wednesday.  There was a dreadful dust storm and we decided that two days in the dust for someone with potentially ‘titchy lungs’ was not a wise move.

Dusty Days

So Mac stayed at home.  We snuck out briefly to get Mac a long overdue haircut.  (If kids didn’t have wear hats at school it would be fine, a good slab of hair product to keep it high and spiky works a treat… but when you have to put the obligatory school hat on your head and then it goes flat and pokes you in the eye.  On weekends he was able to get around with ‘mad’ hair, not so at school)

Thursday the sky was clear and school was on the agenda.  Mac wasn’t enjoying breakfast but we thought he was just tired.  He started to get quite distressed so I picked him up to give him a hug and he was boiling hot… a raging temperature.  So… no school Thursday.

Friday he was still spiking some temps with no other symptoms so yet again, a day at home.  

We did have to call in at the school on Friday afternoon to collect one of the other kids and pop round to her house.  As we wandered over to the playground some of his classmates spotted him.  Out of the classroom ran about eight of the Kindy kids, checking up on their friend, telling him they missed him, checking he wasn’t too sick, and determining just what, in fact, the actual illness was.  Mac was grinning from ear to ear not looking one bit sick.

When bell rang his ‘posse’ of senior friends spotted him, over they ran, checking up on him.  When they asked him if he was sick he gave the most evil smile as if to say ‘nuh, just pretending’.  So they now think he was ‘wagging’ which apparently is pretty cool.

The temps have now turned into sinus and hayfever, most likely a result of the dust.  He is a bit miserable so here’s hoping he is well for Monday.  He misses being at school as much as the kids miss having him there.


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2 responses to “chucking a sickie?

  1. heike

    Mac the cool kid. Of course!

  2. Di

    Gosh, he’s a monkey isn’t he?

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