60 seconds from PDF to PPT

Need some PDF files converted to Keynote or Powerpoint to use for switch adapted access (or any other reason)… here’s my solution, happy to hear others.


60secs snapshot


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2 responses to “60 seconds from PDF to PPT

  1. melvin James

    I know another easy way to convert PDF to PowerPoint. Recently I found AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter, just a few clicks PDF can be changed into PPT format. The text content, images, layouts can be well retained. I think you can have a try. Here is the link:

  2. G’day! I’d like to cover this method on the ATMac blog, and while experimenting I noticed that in the PDF the “Download” link works but the “Hyperlink to software” on the right redirects to the general Harvey Mudd CS page. Did you do up the PDF and graphic from this page? I’d like to use it in the ATMac article if I can get permission (and with corrected links).

    Incidentally, is there a reason you don’t just use Keynote as the presentation software? I don’t use Powerpoint/Keynote myself so I’m not sure if it’s relevant to the switch accessing aspect or simply for PC compatibility.

    It’s great to read about Mac’s communication breakthroughs recently – good on you for pushing for what your guts tell you is right. Parents (in my experience as a kid!) seem to often know things about their kids – correctly – without knowing exactly why they know them. I’m sorry I missed you when you were down here in Melbourne; I would have felt privileged if I’d been able to meet you.

    Let me know about the PDF!


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