did you know?

I stumbled across something a few weeks ago… it was one of those, potentially, ‘too good to be true’ finds… so, I kept it to myself until I knew for sure…

But here it is because amazingly, wonderfully, it IS true!

School readers in an electronic format.

Cengage Learning Australia is described as being

a leading provider of learning solutions in the school and higher education markets of Australia and New Zealand. As well as marketing the US school, higher education and library reference product, Cengage publishes a successful range of indigenous products for school and university education.

Our school uses many of their guided reading products – they are highly regarded.

But, here’s the ‘great bit’. Cengage Learning can supply their titles in an electronic format for students with a print disability when you purchase their hard copies.

Here’s the info from their website (click to explore their site).


So, we have submitted our first request of books with many to follow.

Six books in PDF format arrived yesterday and we have converted them into a format to allow for switch accessible eBooks for Mac (the child not the computer – the books can be viewed on any platform).

We will gradually add audio into the books which might be a nice learning experience for the other student to be involved in developing the audio files to insert into the eBooks.

I am surprised I ‘chanced’ on this information in Term 3. This is information the DET intetgration and inclusion officers should be aware of and pass on readily. The teachers admitted they never thought to ask the question but now know what to ask for in the future.  And really, this could (and should) make the difference between schools/teachers choosing one company over another.

For Cengage this is certainly something they should be proud of. From what I can gather they are leading the way and clearly have demonstrated a commitment to accessible education – possibly a campaign to share this information with the schools could be beneficial (if they can cope with the potential demand).

Well done Cengage Learning Australia…

Oh, by the way… I haven’t stopped smiling, I am so impressed by the incredible solution this provides for so many kids.

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