yes! no!

The yes/no options with switches are working well – very easy to incorporate.

I know it is only a starting point but this is what I learnt from Mac when I asked him about his day…

  • His teacher today was Mrs C and his aide was R.  
  • They didn’t make planes but they did make ships.  
  • He did some numbers and he knows that seven is bigger than four.  
  • He also told me that two plus three (2+3) does not equal four, seven or nine but it does equal five.  
  • 23 is bigger than seven and 32 is not bigger than 43.  
  • He does not like the yes/no buttons but he does love them.  
  • He doesn’t want anything to drink nor does he want anything to eat, but he does want the TV on.  

He was consistently pressing the buttons with his feet and because I tend to watch his face, his expressions as I read them were matching his foot answers.  I know all except whether they did numbers today were appropriate answers.

The benefit of the physical answers with the switches is that it tends to keep you engaged for a little longer regardless of whether the answers are right or wrong.   This is way more than I would ever have managed to drag out of Mac’s cousins when they were his age – but then you don’t tend to ask yes/no questions – maybe we should.

Yesterday in class he was asked by his teacher whether he liked chocolate – she said he used his cheek to quickly hit the yes three times.  Still a chocoholic it seems.


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5 responses to “yes! no!

  1. Gina, it just makes me smile hearing Macs news! I am so excited for him to have his opinions and voice heard! Yipeeeee!!! Wicked as Cooper would say!

  2. You have entered such an exciting new stage with Mac. You have pulled far more from Mac then I can get from Moo each day. I can’t wait to hear about his next achievement.

  3. Gina

    Jac, if you give Moo the opportunity to kick something for his answers he might be just as forthcoming – trouble is I can envisage a Scrappy kick for yes and a Master C kick for no. Moo’s level of response is totally on par with every other kid I know. I am sure Mac will revert once the novelty has worn off and he’ll turn into the teenager he often channels.

  4. Teenagers want to talk and communicate too, especially with their friends. And the reason you get more out of Mac than you do the cousins is that you have become a better and stronger communicator over time.

    “Yes and no” questions are good. For an example of how challenging it can be to communicate that way, there is the game Celebrity Heads.

    In what class/subject did they make ships?

    And, yes, he is a chocoholic!

    Great distinction between ‘like’ and ‘love’ there.

    What does Mac like to watch and listen to on TV?

  5. They were simply making/painting pictures of ships – I actually don’t know what is was for but assumed they must have been doing ‘sh’ sounds this week.

    I was impressed by the like/love thing too.

    Re the braille issue, Mac can’t move his hands in any purposeful manner – it is all random movements as he is very rigid – at this stage is won’t be a possibility.

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