to the Max!

His eyes lit up when he spotted it.  

“What’s that coloured thing?” he asked.  It was Mac’s Macaw AAC device.

“Its a new talking box to help Mac make some choices and ask questions in class”, I explained to Mac’s friend Max as they came out of class together at the end of the day.

“How?” Max enquired further.

So we showed him.  

Mac pressed the button for it to say “Hi, how are you?”… Max grinned.

Mac pressed the button again and it said “What have you been doing?”

At that Max rolled his eyes…

“Maccy, you KNOW what we
                       have been doing, pfft!”


At least I know the kids will keep us ‘honest’ making sure anything we put on the Macaw is relevant and useful.

I love these guys.




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5 responses to “to the Max!

  1. Love the way this happened.

    What would you put on the box instead?

    And isn’t the point of the “what are you doing” question to answer/ask people who don’t know him?

    (Whether it’s been working or playing or just being).

  2. Gina

    yep, we won’t use a conversation set designed for a totally different purpose as an example with the ‘literal’ five and six year olds 😉

  3. If it was Moo’s, we would need to put two of his favourites on it:-

    “Is it a stay at home day today?” – followed by
    “I hate school”

    Then maybe, “Mitchell, stop being so naughty”, and “Mitchell, put your clothes on”. Not to mention, “I want to play with my Ipod” and “Get me a drink” (notice the lack of please). My personal favourite though is “Cooper stop talking, I’m sick of your rubbish”.

    I guess you’re going to have fun working out what you need to put on it.

  4. Gina

    Thanks Jaq
    I think it will be fun. We need to get in the swing of using it more and more. The yes/no has been the focus but now we need to get him back in the swing of step scanning.

  5. Fiona

    6 year olds … how about a question about what’s for lunch/recess? (same for 14 year olds). And have you got the Big Chief No Fart joke on there? That’s something boys can’t live without.

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