the wild child

We have created a monster.

A very tricky monster who has worked out it is ‘hilarious’ to give wrong answers to questions being asked.

Thankfully his facial expressions are a clear giveaway when he is mucking around. It’s nice to know he would have been a hopeless ‘verbal liar’ sans brain injury.

The big boys at school have been teaching him all about the importance of an ‘irreverent NO’ when asked to do something.

They are empowering him to be in control, they are empowering him to be ‘silly, funny and tricky’.

It is amazing to watch the excitement and enthusiasm the kids have for Mac’s new ability to communicate. They have embraced the Macaw & yes/no switches with gusto and, subsequently, I think we will end up with a team of ‘programmers’ from the student body for the Macaw.  

I guess it’s one way to ensure suitably inappropriate (but current) utterances will appear.

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One response to “the wild child

  1. I know what you mean. My 5 year old was SO proud when Ashlea (3, multiple disabilities) said “hello poo-poo” the other day. Sigh.

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