swings and roundabouts

We went to the local University Kids Christmas Party the other day.  As part of the festivities there were a couple of carnival rides and so we decided to see if they would let Mac on the swing.

The ‘old guys’ running the ride were a bit unsure about how he would be secure but with a little ingenuity and determination between us we made it happen.

Mac sat in his Special Tomato seat which has its own harness and they pulled their chain safety straps through the pommel and connected it.

The only down side… it was a pretty tame ride and I honestly think Mac would have liked it a little faster and wilder.

I  think we might spend some time at the local show next year and see what other fun rides Mac can go on.

And, if these two ‘ride operators’ are any guide I am sure we will be met with much enthusiasm and kindness as they try to give Mac a chance to go on their rides.  We saw these guys when we were leaving and they were really ‘chuffed’ they not only managed to give him a go but were thrilled that he enjoyed it.

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One response to “swings and roundabouts

  1. Yeah, the Royal Easter Show will be a really special experience. (You have four months to check out the opportunity).

    A lot of girls on the ride, I notice!

    Very often, they will say to boys, “You are too big or too strong” (to go on a swing).

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