Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Macco!

A wheelchair drawn by reindeer in the hot, Australian summer… of course!

The exhibitionist child of ours shows just how proud he is as he arrives at school dressed for the Christmas festivities that day.  Apparently he LOVES having reindeer on his chair and he LOVES having lights on there too.

Mac is very proud to show off his Christmas wheelchair to friendsAnd how do you pull your look together…

the breakdown of items to “pimp my ride, Christmas style”

  • Two singing reindeer (hobby horse style)  bolted to the front of the chair.  When you press their antlers they sing and their nose flashes – I am sure the teachers were thrilled.
  • Coloured christmas lights for each wheel $2.99 per set.  These run on 2 x AA batteries and are easy to wrap around the wheel rims when you don’t need to self propel.
  • Santa Clause wheel covers made from one of those extra large gift bags purchased for $2 from one of the discount stores
  • Tinsel trim to ‘up the fancy’ on the wheel rims.
  • “model’s own Santa hat” 🙂
  • Oh, and there were some ‘elf style spats’ on his shoes made from the sleeves of an old green t-shirt and cut with jagged ends.

Then to be sure you completely disrupt the class for the entire day you take in your very large sound activated singing polar bear who channels Elvis with a bit of Tom Jones style dancing thrown in.  As it was an entire school “Doing Things Together Day” the bear was a huge hit with all the students as they rotated through his activity task area.

The chair will remain “pimped for Christmas” at Mac’s insistence.  He really is quite terrible, he just laps up the attention he gets everywhere he goes.


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9 responses to “Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Macco!

  1. This is funny because I was just watching “pimp my ride” last night. Although this looks a lot better than what I was seeing! I’m tweeting this.

    By the way, you might find some interesting information on my blog, It’s mainly about assistive technology, but if something scratches your skull we’d love to hear your input.

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  3. Mac, I’m sure you were the coolest kid at school with that get-up today! I am entirely jealous!



  4. I cannot get over how talented you are. Mac looks great!

  5. n0thingbuteverything

    Wow. How fantastic! I don’t blame Mac for wanting to keep his ride ‘pimped’. ;-). Merry Christmas to you all.

  6. Hello! That is just plain awesome!!! I’m new to your blog; I’m mom to Max, who’s 7 and has mild cerebral palsy due to a stroke at birth. Nice to “meet” you and the amazing Mac.

  7. jenny

    Love the get up Mac and Gina. You left our tinsel wheels for dead but we will aim higher next year.

  8. Chris

    Awesome get up- you do raise the bar Gina!

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