temporary tattoos

Mac came home with some “temporary tattoos” today.  Apparently his teacher, Mrs R, has some difficulty with “left” and “right” under normal circumstances.

Spare a thought for her now having to manage it ‘in reverse’ as she sits facing Mac with his switches.  Not to mention the fact Mac has a tendency to scissor his legs so that his left ends up on the right side… which is her left, when it should be her right.  She’ll get there – in spite of Mac’s attempts to make her dizzy.

So, a couple of ‘marker pen letters’ assisted her (and the other kids).

I have some Temporary Tattoo paper around here somewhere – maybe I will make him some very cool ‘tats’ that will stay put a little longer.

Here’s a shot from Christmas Day where you can see just how tricky that leg crossing gets if you are holding switches under those feet.

By the way, that’s not a ‘real’ pet crocodile walking behind him in the background – we’re not all Croc Hunters ‘down under’.


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3 responses to “temporary tattoos

  1. You can buy stock or custom temporary tattoos from the world’s largest manufacturer, Tattoo Manufacturing, at http://www.tattoosales.com. The product is FDA & CPSC compliant – safe for kids!

  2. Gina love it! Mac looks so grown up siting on his bean bag and looks great! what a big kid now!
    I am in awe of all your technology knowledge and ability to think outside the square. thinking about school tips me over the edge but thanks for giving me some hope and inspiration too! Bron

  3. Gina

    Amber, thanks for the link.
    Bron, that beanbag position is the one we refer to as the “pretzel” – it has a significant degree of difficulty. The thing I love most about photos is that they are, thankfully, literally one moment in time. You can make up any story you want about what’s going on… in our case you just know with Mac he probably tipped ‘a-over’ any second after that shot – probably a startle response from the camera click…

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