Now that Mac has a number of letters under control we have started giving him a “free spell” opportunity.  This is where he gets to write any word he wants using his morse code.

On the first occasion he chose ” .  .-  -” or  E-A-T.

I switched to his yes/no box and checked.

Did you want to spell out the letters ‘E-A-T’?  YES

And, does that spell ‘EAT’? YES

Do you want something to eat?  YES

Would you like to eat some chocolate?  YES

I figured I should absolutely make this moment memorable by offering one of his favourite foods.

This is/was a huge moment.  If Mac learns he can ‘ask’ and ‘receive’ then self-instigated independent communication becomes all the more real.

During Mac’s free type today he again chose E-A-T (I guess if you are on a good thing stick to it right?   By the way, today’s treat was a guava and coconut ice block, yum.)


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10 responses to “e-a-t

  1. Kim (Harrys Mum)

    Hooray for Mac. Oh Gina you must be so excited for him. I have always thought that to be locked inside your mind without a way to let others know what you are thinking in any way beyond the most simple is one of the cruelest things kids with communication limitations have. A big gold star for you for finding a way to help Mac get his opinion out. It sounds like you better get some extra food ready.

  2. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.

    And that’s the sort of principle that the Picture Exchange Communication System works on:

    ask and receive and request.

    Very motivating communication opportunity!

  3. Susan, Mum to Molly

    Woo hoo, well done Mac!

    Today, eat, tomorrow, rule the world!! Watch out mum & dad… 😉

    Belated best wishes for Year 1, big boy.

    Glad to hear your mates on theother side of the wall are looking out for you.

  4. Liz

    That kid has so got you suckered in! How fab that he can tell the world how smart he is – of course, we always knew…

    Wonderful stuff. Congrats to all of you!

  5. Mary

    And each time he communicates with that foot, morse, spelling, idea combination he must be physically building networks in his brain. Who knows where all this could lead clever Gina and Mac. I hope Mrs R can keep up with all this mindboggling stuff.

  6. The neural network, perhaps?

    There are functions which develop and enlarge the brain in terms of learning and using language.

  7. Mary

    Yes I’m thinking neuroplasticity, Adelaide. “The brain that changes itself” by Norman Doidge gives some interesting examples.

  8. Gina, I am so excited for Mac to be sharing this with you! enjoy all this eating to come 🙂 bron

  9. n0thingbuteverything

    fantastic! i have more to say but still mastering 1 handed typing while feeding baby. the ice block sounds delish!

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