the fly swatter

School Assembly started, the ground was too wet from all the rain for the children to sit, so they remained standing.

Some were fidgeting, others wriggling, some almost at attention.

One young boy from Mac’s class, L, was wriggling and jiggling a little more than most.

His mother, standing along side me sighed, with a hint of despair. “He hasn’t been still once” she said shaking her head. “It’s not natural for children to be still” I tried to reassure her.   To be honest, I don’t think my approach worked.

fast forward six hours…

A similar group of parents were waiting for the bell to go to collect the same children who had started their day with a school Assembly.

The mum of the ‘wriggler’ came up to me, a twinkle in her eye. “You’ll never guess” she said laughing. “Mrs R overheard me scolding L, for not keeping still in assembly, as they were walking back to class”.  “She apologised for the confusion, and explained that she had asked L if he could shoo any flies out of Mac’s face during assembly”.

And so L did.  He was conscientious and committed to the task at hand.  He shooed and he flicked and he whooshed and he swiped.

It’s just really hard to be still when you are on fly swatting duty’.


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5 responses to “the fly swatter

  1. “No flies on me!”

    And it’s very poetic, all the action verbs you used to describe what R was doing in front of Mac’s face.

  2. Kim (Harrys Mum)

    Yesterday must of been the day for children just getting it. At assembly yesterday morning I noticed that one of the kinder kids had his head down and his friend was patting his shoulder. The little boy ‘N’ getting the comfort has autism and finds transitiions very hard. His mate was just doing what he could do to help all the while talking to another mate. After a few minutes ‘N’ sat up and things continued as normal. Even better no adults tried to but in and “help”. It isn’t surprising to know that ‘N’ is also a good friend of Harry as well.

  3. Gina

    That’s so great to hear Kim – I truly believe kid’s get it innately and then, if the environment is not inclusive, it gets trained out of them.

  4. Also wow, yay to Mrs R for being aware enough for even realising it might be a problem!


  5. I really enjoy reading about Mac’s amazing inclusive ed. This story really shows how fantastic his teacher really is. Not because she made sure the flies were out of Mac’s face, but she created a purpose for this other little guy’s needs rather than have him be unsuccessful at sitting. A responsibility that gave him opportunity to interact with Mac. Fantastic!

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