not even a horse…

Wheelchair Attendant training started for 1-2R (Mac’s class) on Friday.

Before we started there was a couple of questions from the students.

“We’re not allowed to touch Mac’s head are we”, asked Max.

Not sure what motivated the question I replied “yes, you can touch his head”, but remained a little puzzled.

I have heard of people thinking ‘brain injuries are catching’ or being over cautious with seemingly fragile children with disabilities.  In response I tend to err on the side of “NO caution”.

Thankfully, Mrs R was able to clear up the true intent of the question.

Apparently Mrs R had told the children they weren’t to “pat” Mac on the head like a pet or baby.  So we discussed it a little further.  Mrs R asked them “do they ‘pat‘ their other friends on the head?”… “noooo” was the resounding response.

“So, if Mac is just a kid like you, why would you ‘pat’ him on the head?” she queried.

“Well, he’s not a baby”, Jack observed.

“And he’s not a puppy or kitten”, added Max.

He’s NOT EVEN A HORSE!” Maddy proclaimed.

Head Patting 101 has been passed ‘with Honours’ by 1-2R… way to go, kids.


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2 responses to “not even a horse…

  1. Chris

    hehe, that’s so funny, only the littluns come up with classics like that!

  2. They certainly do!

    And with boyfriends and girlfriends, the rules change.

    Quite a few girls could be running their hands through Mac’s sexy locks.

    Having said that, some animals get spooked from that kind of patting.

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