foot painting

I have it on good authority from Mrs R that the quality of the artwork on Mac’s feet exceeds what he got down on the canvas.  He used is feet rather than the more conventional brush method.

Nevertheless he had fun – now all I have to do is make sure it comes off in the bath so it doesn’t look like he is too neglected.


Filed under Accessing the Curriculum, first grade here I come, Inclusion... straight up!

3 responses to “foot painting

  1. Yay for mouth and foot painters!

  2. Heike

    yeah, yeah, but we wanna see the artwork too!

  3. Gina

    Heike, I managed to catch a glimpse and it looked pretty good to my eye. Might even be worth framing. I think our kids bring everything home at the end of the term so will keep my eyes peeled.

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