the love letter

I found this tucked down beside Mac in his chair today.

These pair have been as thick as thieves since pre-school.  Bronte is the ‘older woman’ being in Year 2.  When she started Kindy the year before Mac her Nanna used to pick her up one day a week so they could ‘race’ into town to Mac’s (and Bronte’s little sister’s) day care centre so Bronte could ‘catch a few minutes with Mac’.

It is nice to see the relationship hasn’t ‘waned’.  Bronte decreed to her Pop some years ago that ‘she has two boyfriends, but she will marry Mac’.

So sweet.


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4 responses to “the love letter

  1. Di

    Gina, I have to agree, that those two are thick as thieves, and it is so wonderful to see that some things don’t change.
    Please, give Mac a huge kiss for me,
    Di xx

  2. Heike

    Sheesh, that boy is starting early!

  3. I hope they do stay close in some very special and unique way.

    And Di is right about the enduring power of young love.

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