when I grow up…

I finally got round to asking Mac if he knows what he wants to be when he grows up.   I’ve always told him jokingly that he will need to get himself a good job since all the ‘disability’ things he needs are so expensive.

It was a fun conversation, it went like this…

GINA: So, Macco, do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

MAC: yes

GINA: Do you think you could tell me somehow?

MAC: yes

GINA: Could you spell what you want to be using the Macaw?

MAC: yes

MAC: (using Macaw) d – a – d

GINA: Do  you want to be LIKE Dad?

MAC: yes

GINA: So, do you want to be a teacher/ lecturer like Dad?

MAC: yes

GINA: Do you want to be a teacher at school?

MAC: no

GINA: Do you want to be a teacher at University?

MAC: yes

GINA: Do you want to teach the same thing as Dad?

MAC: I don’t know

GINA: Do you want to teach Journalism like Dad?

MAC: yes

GINA: Or, do you want to teach Maths?

MAC: yes

GINA: Is there anything else you might like to teach?

MAC: no

GINA: So, you want to be either a Maths Lecturer or a Journalism Lecturer at University?

MAC: yes

They sound like pretty good choices to me.

We also talked about the other obvious option from the above conversation about Mac maybe wanting to ‘BE A Dad’.  He agreed he would like to be a Dad one day.  He has been very inspired by Tania at TandemMaster who is a Mum who happens to have quite significant CP, and who uses Morse Code for her communication and access.  I used some of Tania’s stories with Mac when I started talking to him about morse code – seems there was more for him to learn than I imagined.  Tania has been a great help to us offering advice as we move forward with the morse code option for Mac.

Here’s a news story just after Tania gave birth to her son Michael

And here’s the TandemMaster in action.  We have applied for a Tandem Master for Mac to use at school.  Hopefully it will get approved, in the grand scheme of disability equipment it is on the ‘cheap side’ at less than USD$500.

As many people have proven to me, not the least of them being Mac, anything’s possible.


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10 responses to “when I grow up…

  1. Excellent conversation!

    Would love to watch the 2 films at some time or another.

    I too think journalism and maths are good choices.

  2. PS I really enjoyed reading about Tania and her going down the river: white water rafting.

    There are at least several Australian stories about being a Dad with disabilities.

  3. Gina

    Adelaide, do you need the embedded video links in a different format (eg actual links)? Let me know if I can help.

  4. Those videos are amazing. Thats some great career aspirations that Mac has. Moo still wants to be a jedi when he grows up.

  5. Gina

    Ha Ha Jac – Jedi is a cool career path. I think it’s lightsaber that brings Mac undone there – just doesn’t make the job half as exciting when you can’t hold/swipe/slice with it yourself I guess.

  6. Kim (Harrys Mum)

    Fingers crossed for the funding. There is hope we have had a seating system funded that allows for finger tip movement from floor to table. Something I fully expected to have to figh for especially as it wasn’t the base model and around $9000. Even better it should turn up on Monday. Yes that is equipment funded and supplied in about 2 terms, DET NSW must be setting a new speed record in our district. Either that or it was the physio ringing every fortnight 😉

  7. Gina

    Sounds great. What chair did you go for in the classroom – we are still trying to find something ‘suitable’.

  8. Kim (Harrys Mum)

    We are getting a mygo leckey with the hi-lo base. I am trying to get the eye 2 eye head support for home. I would have loved that for school but I think they may have bawked at the $2000 (about) price tag.

  9. On the off chance that the TandemMaster doesn’t get approved for Mac, you might want to contact your favourite blog mistress about sponsorship … being as you’re good Mac lovers and all 🙂 Just hypothetically…

  10. Oh, and Jacqui I’m 35 and I still want to be a Jedi when I grow up! I think Moo sounds eminently sensible 🙂


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