morse merit

This is unlikely to be one of the ‘common’ awards given out in this day and age.

But, it is an important award for a number of reasons.  Not only does this show Mac is able to garner an award for something that is essentially an academic award – a great achievement for him.  It also (and more importantly) shows his teacher has absolutely given credibility and authenticity to Mac’s adapted methods to access his curriculum via Morse Code (among other things).


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4 responses to “morse merit

  1. jenny

    Congratulations Mac & Mum – fantastic work

  2. Congrats to you both on the award! As cheesy as it sounds the pair of you are very inspiring. I am about to attempt your news idea from last year – using the little speech output device – for Ashlea to take show and tell to preschool.

  3. Ashlea and Alison, good luck with the speech device.

    Mac really is “striving for the highest” and his school is a provider of “quality education in a caring environment”.

  4. ky6r

    Absolutely fantastic – I applaud your effort and wish you the very best! Morse Code is a wonderful (and fun) way to communicate. I use it daily, and share your joy!

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