Ben 10


Ben 10 wheels as requested by the ‘bossy’ speller…


  • 3 x Ben 10 party hats opened out and pasted around the wheel.
  • 1 x large Ben 10 sticker
  • 5 x small Ben 10 stickers
  • clear contact to cover
  • green cardboard as base template


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7 responses to “Ben 10

  1. jenny

    Very cool Mac, wish our powerchair had big wheels so we could decorate easily.

  2. Oh Mac , Cooper thinks that is awesome, cool and wicked!!!!
    Gina did you cover the wheel or do you have plastic covers that then cover the wheel if that makes sense?
    cooper is now insisting he has the same!

  3. Amazing!

    Especially the party hats! I knew they must have some use …

    And if Ben 10-covered powerchairs are everywhere, I think the company will have to take some notice.

  4. Gina

    Adelaide – party hats were a great find. Will use them more often. Great size, good colours and if I wanted to cover an entire wheel would only need 5.
    Jen – we might have to invent some side flares for the power chair – just for decorating.
    Bron – we have plastic wheel covers which we take on an off and just sit our covers on the top for ease of removal/changing.

  5. Then make a friend of the party shop.

    (Especially that June is coming up … and doesn’t Ethan have a birthday also?)

  6. n0thingbuteverything

    They look fantastic! Love your creativity! AND Mac’s choosing skills. I have never seen Ben 10, but I am getting the feeling that seeing as he’s the number 1 choice for boys of a certain age, I am going to be learning more about him soon….

  7. Gina

    Di, we have watched one episode of Ben 10. Not fans yet… but maybe in time.

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