wheelchair wheel covers 101

Bron at Big Brother, Little Sister asked how we go about making the wheelchair covers.

Here’s the quick method we use for easy changing of designs.


Mac has plastic covers over his spokes which you can remove by taking off the quick release wheels, then the push rims (screws on the inside of the wheels).  It is a little bit fiddly, but I don’t do this job daily so it is OK.

The work is not top quality – they are usually for quick celebrations, instant gratification.  They don’t need to last a long time.  They literally ‘sit on’ the plastic cover – we rarely use anything else to attach them unless it is a heavy design.

If you don’t have wheelcovers you could revert to the old way we used to decorate bikes with crepe paper woven through the spokes or make some laminated pics you can tie on to the spokes with cable ties or twist ties.


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2 responses to “wheelchair wheel covers 101

  1. thanks so much Gina!
    I think we will have to try the “old” way and at least we have school holidays next week to start our creations and practise!
    Thanks again
    Bron xo

  2. Crepe paper is great too. It can be very solid and bendy as well.

    Hope you do have some great covers during the holidays and after.

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