the refusal

Mac had a shocker on Friday.  The thing is, it was all his doing.

Mrs R was out of the classroom for the entire day and Mac’s response was to “NOT WORK”.

He wouldn’t spell ‘hat’, ‘at’, ‘go but was happy to spell ‘Easter’ and ‘supper’ (not his spelling words).  He refused to do any of the ‘add two to the total’ sums in Maths.

He was hopeless and, yes, a little bit naughty.

His Aide asked him whether he thought he should be doing good work for the substitute teacher Ms M…. “NO” was Mac’s reply.

“Do you think you should only have to work for Mrs R?” she queried further….. “YES” was Mac’s reply.

OK, I love that he loves Mrs R, but I have suggested to him he probably needs to ‘get over himself’ just a little bit.

I am not sure he is totally convinced.

He is impossible to manipulate – one of those traits you love and hate simultaneously.


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4 responses to “the refusal

  1. I love that trait!

    Authority is based on trust, and trust based on repeated actions and a bond.

    It is not based on a role per se.

    Mac gets this in a big way.

    Mac: how many eggs do you think the Easter Bunny will give you?

    How many eggs do you think you will buy from the shop?

    And I’m very surprised that the Aide didn’t ask whether Mac should do good work for her!

  2. Kim (Harrys Mum)

    Nice to know that Harry isn’t the only one. He has been known to pretend to be asleep to get out of work (hand over hand writing so I don’t really blame him). Something all of us wish we could have done I’m sure. Unfortunatly he choose to giggle when his work was removed which kind of gave it away.

  3. Ugh, know this problem well. When Moo is just over things he just starts throwing ridiculous answers out. He knows the expectations for him aren’t high so he (ab)uses it to his advantage.

  4. n0thingbuteverything

    He knows hols are nearly here! I feel exactly the same way 😉

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