morse “the movie”

I finally got around to putting some video onto the computer of Mac learning his morse code.

It shows him on one of his worst days physically – he has that whole ‘pretzel’ thing going on.  Despite the poor quality you can see he pretty much does small ‘toe drops’ to activate the switch.  He rests his feet on the velcro loops attached to the switches and a very small amount of pressure activates them.

This was only taken about two weeks into us starting to teach him morse – I must take some more footage to see the progression.   You can see for the ‘h’ I pretty much left the dash switch out of reach as he had only learnt that letter the day before – it wasn’t an exam LOL.

The computer is plugged into my Dad’s 46″ LCD TV and I think, from memory, that day I had a third switch plugged in for me to use with my foot to tab across the Morse Code program once he completed each letter.

There’s about five minutes of footage – thankfully Mac has got a bit quicker as time has progressed.  He still has some pretty dreadful days physically, those days we don’t push things.  When he is having a great day physically he makes up for it.


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13 responses to “morse “the movie”

  1. I see that Mac checks the letters, or puts his eye there.

  2. Gina

    He seemed to. Some of it was him having a muscle spasm moment where he turns to his right. That was the first time we used that large screen in that location. I quite liked how he used it.

    btw Adelaide the ‘hello’ was for you. I told him you had been reading about his morse. I was going to make him spell Adelaide since he knew those letters but he was so tangled figured I was too big an ask.

  3. That is incredible Gina. Great work!

  4. Merci ten thousand beaucoups!

    It is so big and so moving.

    It was probably better to have him spell his own name than mine, at least for the first few tries.

    (It probably would have been moving to have any of the regulars here spelt for…)

    (Vowels are good).

    Now the L seemed to have been a bit tough. It might have helped if the morse L looked like the print L (ie dash at the end/bottom).

  5. Julie

    Your patience and Mac’s determination are amazing! This kid is going to do something wonderful in this world (he already is) but he is going to make an even bigger impact for more people – I can feel it. That was so great to watch.

  6. Hudson

    Excellent!! Maaate, that is sooo cool!
    I’m jealous and wanna get Mum to set that up for me too!

  7. Adelaide Dupont


    It seems I’m logged in by WordPress this time. I rarely ever am.

    Hudson: do get your Mum to set that up as well, or an equivalent system which really shows what you can do and say.

  8. Rob Burns

    Very impressive Mac,

    I know soldiers who took longer to learn Hello in Morse code than it took you.

    They could learn a thing or two from you young man.

  9. Mr Burns:

    Reading about the soldiers who learned Morse Code reminded me a lot of the Scouts and the Guides, who may learn it as young as the age of 7 (or 5 if they are Joey Scouts).

    They often get a badge for learning Morse and similar radio techniques.

    Also I have been reading a great deal about inclusion and the Scouts, in America and Australia alike.

    Gavin Bollard’s observations on going back to school and doing the Basic Leadership qualification

    William Peace about his son’s involvement in Scouts, and how people with disabilities may earn Eagle Scout

    (I have no information so far on English or European troupes on this basis).

    Must declare an interest here: one of my cousins is a Girl Guide.

  10. What a clever kid! Gina have you thought about/are you teaching Mac spelling with phonics/sounds as well as letters? This is something I think primary school never really managed with Sandy – the whole sounds chunking scenario. He basically relied on a great memory and visual clues till Y3, then his lack of real understanding of sounds decoding and blending started to show up with difficulties with reading, which persist to this day.

  11. Leanne

    I just had to write to tell you what an inspiration you and your son are! I found you by searching for help with Morse Code. The boys in my son’s Boy Scout Troop want to earn the Signaling Merit Badge that is only open for the anniversary. I wanted to find a way to learn it easier. Your visual representation is excellent – even some of the old-timers love it.
    I work as the Assistive Technology Specialist for my small rural school district so the fact that you have a son using it with special needs was heartwarming. Good luck with everything and I will keep watching/reading when I can!

  12. Gina

    Thank you Leanne
    Mac is doing really well with his morse. Typing full sentences with our little Morse Spell application. Feel free to email me if you want a copy of the excel spreadsheet for any of the kids to use. sandgburns [at] bigpond [dot] com

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