weekend at bernie’s

A new family arrived at school two days ago.

One child in Mac’s year and one in Kindergarten.

They had sport on their second day.  I generally go in and assist the Stage 1 classes with their sport and I was busy helping position Mac’s ‘catching scoop’ when our new classmate ‘E’ came up to me.

E: Are you his mum?

ME: Yes, I am.

E: Um, he looks dead…

ME: (stifling a laugh) Yep, you are right – he really isn’t getting into it is he.

At this point one of Mac’s classmates, turned around to explain to ‘E’ (with an exasperated fling of their arms)…

“duh, he has a brain injury”.

I mean really – it is soooo completely obvious LOL.

I am glad I have a warped sense of humour.  That comment has amused me no end and Mac thought it was very funny too.  All I can think of is how very “Weekend at Bernie’s” it seems.

On a side note I was fascinated to see the younger family member, “E-junior”, come up and talk to Mac in the afternoon of their second day.  It really is amazing how observant children are.  He walked up to him, placed a hand under each of Mac’s feet and said “hello” while tapping Mac’s feet.  Now, he would really have no reason to know why he was doing that, but obviously had seen the other children doing it – very cute.

That being said… I do apologise to any wheelchair users out there on the off chance you should run into Mac’s schoolmates – I do hope they don’t start hitting your feet when they talk to you.


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5 responses to “weekend at bernie’s

  1. Susan, Mum to Molly

    Love it! And well done for taking it so well…

    I reckon you could put a ‘Bernie’ through 13 years at NSW public school and DET wouldn’t even notice.

  2. Dawn

    Love it that the little ones are intuitive enough to “learn” how to communicate with Mac. I would love to meet your little guy someday. You must let me know if you ever get to the states!

  3. Gina

    We would love to do the Disneyland thing one of these days – who knows, we might get there.

  4. Di

    Gina, that is hilarious (and innocent)!

    I bet in no time at all, “E” will soon come to know Mac, and come to realise how much of a lively little boy he can be!

    Here’s to childhood friendships!!


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