scar-face currency

It seems battle scars are much revered among the six, seven, eight year old set.

Mac is no exception.  The recipient of a carpet-burn to the cheekbone courtesy of a slow motion slide out of his kid size recliner – he was very excited by the attention he garnered as he proudly wore his battle-scar to school.

He didn’t suffer too much pain for the ‘temporary disfigurement gain’ – a momentary dropped bottom lip, a watery eye – but no crying.
Even so we have suggested that an ‘encore’ performance is really not necessary.

Alas, the wound healed in a matter of days and there is no sign of where it lay.

Mac has always been an incredible healer.  We used to joke when he was a preemie in the NICU that he may not even end up with a bellybutton scar he was so remarkable at healing his wounds (we needn’t have worried, he ended up with a very neat little bellybutton).

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