i’m back,

After spending last week at the Inclusive Technology Conference run by Spectronics I am officially in brain overload.

There were some excellent sessions, some ordinary and some downright awful – but overall the conference was worth attending and I would consider going again.

The week has given me tonnes of “new ideas”… some came from the conference, some from my ‘room-mate’ (a mum of a very accomplished AAC user), some from being immersed in that thinking space for four days in a row and some from just being able to step back and look at the big picture.

I am now needing to find some time to work out how to add some opportunities in our day such as these as a starting point…

  • model using the AAC device with Mac (ie use it to communicate with him to help demonstrate the steps)
  • incorporate more opportunities for social chit-chat for Mac
  • teach Mac how to play tic-tac-toe, checkers, backgammon & chess
  • get Mac to start writing his lunch orders (ie requests for me to make) on the weekend
  • assess/trial about ten different software programs I like the look of
  • read about 20 books/research papers that peaked my interest

I’ll be sure to post more detailed information on the conference in general, and individual sessions, now I am home, unpacked and back in ‘school mum mode’.

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One response to “i’m back,

  1. So happy you went to Spectronics conference.

    Many are good ideas, including the games and lunch orders.

    (What does Mac like at the Canteen?)

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