Mac wasn’t working very well in class the other day.  He was meant to be doing his work in Morse Code – but just kept kicking his feet, not making any sense with his letters.

R (his Aide) reverted to his Yes/No switches and asked him if he needed to tell her something… “YES” was the response.

R:         “Can you type it for me?”

MAC:  “Yes”

So they reverted back to morse code.
MAC:  ” N … A … G “

R:         “Did you want to write N-A-G ?”

MAC:   “Yes”

R:          “Do you think I am nagging you?”

MAC:  “Yes”

R said she laughed and then went on to explain she is sorry it feels like ‘nagging’ but everyone else has to do their work and therefore, so did Mac.

When Mac got home I asked him if he knew what the word ‘nag’ meant and gave him some choices of definitions.   He knows exactly what it meant.


something strange happened…

I   s t a r t e d   c h a n n e l l i n g    m y    M u m .

All of a sudden these words started spilling out of my mouth – reminiscent of when we didn’t want to eat our dinner as kids and our parents used to pull out the line…

“You should be thankful you have food on the table… there are children starving in Kampuchea“.

Here I was trotting out the line…

“You should be thankful you have someone who WILL nag you.  There are kids with disabilities all over the world who never get challenged, who never get nagged because people don’t have expectations they can do the work.”

Needless to say, Mac agreed with his foot switches that “YES” he is lucky he has people who nag him (even if it was to simply satisfy his mum’s little rant).

I also took the time to remind him, despite what he might believe, at seven years of age he isn’t actually the ‘boss of the world’ and still has to do what the teacher asks.

He conceded to “half agree” with that idea… Hmmm.


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4 responses to “nagging

  1. I’m sure he isn’t the only 7 year old who only ‘half agrees’ that they aren’t the boss of the world!!

  2. I love Mac so very much 🙂

    It must be great to see him “being 7” sometimes, even if you don’t let him know!


  3. Oh Gina I have a 5 year old who keeps telling me to stop telling him what to do!
    Mac- you are a legend! I love your humour so so much!
    Made me laugh about the food too! My Dad took us to SriLanka to see poverty first hand after we had a food fight one year at the Big Pineapple .
    I am always telling Cooper things like that! lol
    Great to see you back blogging more too- great to get my Mac fix xo lots of love xo

  4. Claire

    It’s great that Mac can be naughty, cheeky and play-up in class, just like any other seven year old! That’s proper inclusion and empowerment. Mac, your teachers will keep on nagging you because they know you CAN do great work, there is no way they’ll let you rot at the back of the class.

    I am reminded of a boy I know who was sneaking M&Ms in class after all the kids had been icing and decorating biscuits. He may not be able to use a pincer grasp, but that didn’t stop him stealing sweets or being told off for it!

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