mid-year school report


Needless to say we were pretty impressed with Mac’s 2010
mid-year report.
Great insight, very positive…
a great record of his hard work.


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5 responses to “mid-year school report

  1. Di

    Good on Mac for his report! Great effort, and I bet you are as proud as punch! (Bring on that warm fuzzy feeling!)

  2. Susan, Mum to Molly


    Has he been showing it around extended family members for financial reward?

    Tell him that’s what happens in our family, given his interest in money…

    I’m curious though – is his report the same format as the other kids? This style is much better than ours!

  3. Thanks Di & Susan
    Yes, we were very impressed with the report. Great to have on his school record.
    Susan, no, his is different to the other kids reports – I told the teacher to make sure his took less time than theirs since I catch up with her most weeks so I know how he is going – but to be honest I think this would have taken longer. In time I think he will be able to get a more ‘standard’ report – once he has a more confirmed approach for assessment tasks etc.
    I am not mentioning the money thing to him… I could create a monster if financial reward was offered.

  4. n0thingbuteverything

    That’s fantastic! So great to hear how well Mac has gone this year xo

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