I was reading through Mac’s PHILOSOPHY CLASS notes today.

This week’s topic was “Something Else” and his class was posed the question

Mac had typed two words…

Apparently, further discussions ensued between Mac and R (his aide) as to why he chose these words.

The upshot, on “friends” according to Mac is…

He needs a friend who can help him eat, and

he needs a friend who can walk so they can push his chair.

Seems even a seven year old can understand the concept of NATURAL SUPPORTS instead of PAID CARERS.

And, I guess, if we talking about good friends, then yes, one who will get you out of harm’s way and ensure you don’t go hungry is a good friend indeed.

I do love getting these insights into this kid – he really is such a “practical” little soul.

I’ll be interested in seeing if he comes up with any other ideas in future discussions.


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5 responses to “philosophy

  1. Very pragmatic of you, Mac!

    Have really enjoyed reading an article about teenagers and philosophy, especially the work of Jostein Gaarder and Lia Hills.

    Philosophy, in their sense, was very much the world of wonder. It’s important to have that practical element too.

    “A friend in need is a friend in deed”! (I remember reading that saying in Terance Dick’s JONATHAN’s GHOST series).

    Marshall Stewart Ball is another important thinker and teacher.

  2. Liz (Poppy's mum)

    LOVE this! As Adelaide points out, very pragmatic! Am taking such pleasure in getting to know Mac (okay, so via your blog). He’s a treat! …and he’s got his priorities sorted. : )

  3. Very insightful and sensible Master Mac ! Eating is a very good thing to do be able to share with your friends too! Has your Mum made any more of those shotties? 🙂

  4. Gina

    Bron, I went with “Smash Cake” this year for the cake to take in to class – kind of a twist on the Eton Mess but served in individual plastic glasses, each with their own spoon. It contained marshmallow, crushed meringue, banana, strawberries, chocolate cake, cream, chunky sprinkles so Mac’s looked exactly the same. I didn’t get pics sadly, but was a good option, not too much work, easy to clean up.

  5. Smash Cake is one amazing recipe, given its model.

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